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"I have been having serious neck pain and huge knots in my shoulder muscles for 2+ years...My hour massage was so much better than any deep tissue massage I've had before. The work she did on my neck to improve my range of motion was a small miracle. Kelly is extremely skilled at her craft."

Melanie C. - Fort Lauderdale

March 2016


"I have had massages all over the world...and I have had hundreds of different therapists. She is truly a technician and very thorough.

If you are looking for a therapeutic massage that will truly have you feelling relief- then look no further."

Tom D. - Cleveland, OH

January 2016

"I have experienced back problems my entire life and have pursued natural treatment as opposed to injections and surgery...I can honestly say the most effective results have been with Kelly. She takes time to understand your issue and adjusts treatment accordingly...she has also suggested a few additional exercises and stretches helping in reducing my discomfort. Awesome is all I can say."

Ron B. - Chicago, IL

February 2016

"Kelly is an amazing massage therapist. She is flexible to come to my home and caters each massage to my needs. She offers a breadth of knowledge on the body and had a great personality."

Janelle W. - Minneapolis, MN

May 2015

"Kelly is excellent. She is very knowledgeable and experienced, especially in deep tissue and sports massage therapy. She did wonders for my stiff neck and back. I would highly recommend Kelly for any type of massage you are looking for!"

Kevin M. - Gainesville, FL

July 2014

"Kelly is the most amazing massage therapist ever. She really got in to the problem areas we discuss before my massage and relived my neck tension and my headache was gone.... My profession has me on the computer a lot and my neck is always tight. I went back to her the very next week...Thanks Kelly!"

Deborah Rich - Fort Lauderdale, FL

TravelHost Magazine

February 2014


"I'm sort of Spa Maniac sampling them from China to Thailand in Asia, France in Europe, Mexico and Brazil plus several in the Caribbean and "de rigour" in Sonoma, CA. closer to home.

Kelly absolutely knows her stuff, and she ranks amongst the tops on my list.

She loves what she does and really strives to give a signature massage. "

F.V. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

May 2014

"As a LMT myself for over 12 years... I was having severe shoulder pain... She was able to determine where the source was coming from and apply the proper trigger point therapy necessary in order to release the area... I also entrusted her with a loved one who had undergone cancer and chemo therapy. She was able to properly adjust her skills accordingly and always shows good communication skills. Her heart is in this caring profession all the way."

Johanna P. - Hallandale Beach, FL

July 2014

"I learned about Kelly from my personal trainer, now Kelly is part of my healthcare team.  She unblocked nerves that have been pinched for years and I left feeling stronger and more limber. If you want someone who cares and who has the knowledge to take you where you need to be, call Kelly! She is going to become "unavailable" soon... so get on board now -- don't miss this boat!"

Sharon M. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

January 2012

"There is only one way to describe a massage by Kelly....AMAZING! You are not only getting a massage you are being healed. I have been to a slue of " therapists" over the past 10 years and still had the same issues. After finding Kelly my body has never felt better. I can promise you will not regret a session with her and will find that all your aches and pains will be no longer."

Allison Dunne - Miami, FL

December 2011

"Kelly is an amazing massage therapist who is able to determine just the right style and type of massage.... As a competitive athlete, I find that my needs range from heavy duty athletic/sports massage to relaxation therapy. Kelly is able to provide the touch that both elevates my game and helps me with recovery afterwards. Give her an hour and I promise you won't be disappointed."

Shelley Murray - Fort Lauderdale, FL

December 2011

"I like deep massages, and Kelly definitely delivered! She is confident yet relaxed and knows how to make you feel at ease. I hope to be back and highly recommend her services."

Marc M. - Ville De Quebec, Canada

April 2016

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